The campus bookstores at Florissant Valley, Forest Park and Meramec will be closed July 26-30 to move the General Merchandise and Snack and Beverage departments into the cafeterias located in each Student Center. Textbooks and course materials will remain in the existing bookstore areas and operate as a fulfillment center for online book and course material orders.

The Campus Stores will reopen August 2, 2021. You will be able to purchase school supplies, STLCC clothing, STLCC gifts, snacks and beverages in the new locations. Books and Course Materials will be available to order online only.

Wildwood bookstore is not moving.

Bookstores Hours

Florissant Valley, Forest Park, Meramec and Wildwood bookstores are open from 9:00am-2:00pm Monday - Friday through the Summer 2021 semester.

Fall 2021 course books and materials will be available to order starting August 9, 2021. Book and course material information is read only until August 9, 2021. Shipping is free. South County Bookstore remains closed indefinitely. Books for South County classes are housed at Meramec.

Please order textbooks for Full semester, 12 week and 8 week courses online. Free shipping direct to your home!

Due to the changes in learning formats and bookstore operations, textbooks and some course materials will only be available to purchase through the online bookstore. If you are unable to purchase online, you may go to the bookstore closest to you during store hours or request assistance by emailing the bookstore with your course material questions.

Textbook Availability

Textbook Buyback

Book buyback is now on-line through our vendor partner – Nebraska Book Company. You are able to sell your books back online any time during the semester.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can sell your purchased textbooks back online - anytime. Do not sell a rented book! Rented books must be returned to the bookstore by the due date. Books will be reviewed by Nebraska Book Company for condition upon receipt. Normal highlighting and notations are acceptable. Books with broken bindings, loose pages, or water damage will be refused. Buyback funds are issued as checks and sent direct to your home within 3 weeks of receipt of the books by Nebraska Book Company. If you need help printing a label, your closest campus store can print it for you.

Check here for specifics of how to sell your books back.

Rental Returns
Rental Returns Summer 2021 rental textbooks are due on or before August 2, 2021. Rented books from STLCC Bookstores may be returned to the campus bookstore closest to you during store hours. DO NOT SELL RENTED TEXTBOOKS TO THE ONLINE BOOK BUYBACK! Please check website store hours as they may change due to Covid restrictions. After store hours, rented books from STLCC bookstores may be returned to the library book drops at the STLCC campus closest to you. Books will be checked in at the store upon pick up from the library. Books not returned by AUGUST 2, 2021 will be charged along with the $25.00 non-return fee to the credit card you provided at the time of rental.

Find Your Books

You need to use your course schedule found on Banner Self-Service to find required and recommended textbooks and course materials for the courses in which you are enrolled. Priority registration for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 semester courses starts on March 22, 2021. Textbook information for upcoming semesters will be "READ ONLY" up to two weeks prior of semester start times. Information will become available as instructors submit book requests. You will need the Department, Course and Section number from your course schedule to find the correct book for your class. Section numbers correspond to the campus in which the course materials can be found. You can find the campus by the first number of the SECTION NUMBER: (200) = Online Campus, (300) = Wildwood, (400) = Forest Park, (500)= Florissant Valley, (600) = Meramec.

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