Spring 23 Online Textbook and Course Material Fulfillment Information

STLCC Campus Store Hours operating hours for Summer 2023

The STLCC Campus Store hours for Summer 2023 are 9 am-4 pm Monday - Thursday and 9 am-2 pm on Fridays through August 11.

The STLCC Campus Stores no longer carry textbooks/ebooks for STLCC. You cannot order textbooks or ebookstore through this site.

Course materials for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 course are now filled by Akademos. You cannot order textbooks or ebooks through this website. Please go to stlcc.textbookx.com to order your books and course materials.

Textbook Buyback

Book buyback is on-line through our vendor partner – Missouri Book Service. You may sell purchased books you no longer need online any time during the semester.

Do not sell a rented book! Rented books must be returned to the bookstore by the due date listed on the sticker placed on your rental at purchase.

Books will be reviewed by MBS for condition upon receipt. Normal highlighting and notations are acceptable. Books with broken bindings, loose pages, or water damage will be refused.

Buyback funds are issued as checks and sent direct to your home within 3 weeks of receipt of the books by MBS. If you need help printing a label, your closest campus store can print it for you.

Check here for specifics of how to sell your books back.

Buyback Information

Checkout the latest Buyback dates and times for each STLCC location.